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David Tan

Founder and CEO

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Daniel Wong


Head of Technology

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Jason Wong


Head of Sales & Marketing

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Anthony Low

Founding Partner,

Head of Operations

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Vincent Ng

Founding Partner,

Head of Global Supply Chain

Elinda Gan


Head of Academy

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Michael Goh

Corporate Advisory & Financial Services, 3E Group

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Wang Yingyu

Director, Advocate & Solicitor, Taylor Vinters Via LLC

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Cheah Kim Lean

CEO and Founder, Acorn Asia Marketing & Research Consultants

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Tan Sin Kuan

Founder, Water's Edge Design


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Arbiyan Christianto

Indonesia Community Leader and Advisor

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Andreas Budi

Indonesia Community Manager

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Yogi Aditya

Indonesia Community Manager

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Indonesia Food Cradle

Cambodia Food Cradle

Thailand Food Cradle

Israel Food Cradle

Steven Muljadi

Group CEO, Sentul City

Kang Sen

Director, ISI Group & Managing Director, Fuxin Steel Buildings

Zane Tan

Managing Director, Graceland Development Thailand

Effi Sananes

Director, E-STM



Gregory Wong

Blockchain & Full Stack Developer

Phang Min Lee

IoT & Robotics Technology Lead

Liu Jing Yang

Machine Learning Development Lead

Phoon Zi Xiang

Farm Onboarding Lead

Carolyn Ying

Community Management Lead

Steffi Foong

Global Market Development Lead

Tinnakorn John

Farm Academy Trainer

Alvin Tan

Integrated Farm Technology Lead

Ang Hung Tiong

Farm Construction Manager

Madz Anthony

Farm Structural Design Lead

Nabeel Gnayem

Lead Agronomist

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